Case Study: Case Two

Caroline Hughes case study

“New heating system keeps my home a constant temperature”

Caroline Hughes from Radcliffe found that the old gas heating system in her home was adequate, but noticed that the temperature in each room was inconsistent. This sometimes led to her using a hot water bottle in her bedroom at night.

Six Town Housing, who manage Bury Council’s housing stock, contacted Caroline as she was due to have a new heating system replacement. Six Town Housing are piloting Air Source Heating technology in 200 council houses that require new systems across the borough as part of a heat pump trial developed by the Japanese government, which aims to improve energy efficiency in homes across Greater Manchester.



Caroline agreed to be part of the trial, caroline case studywhich uses a system that externally manages the energy produced in homes, automatically heating them to an efficient level. She received her new system in early November, 2015.

Caroline said: “I had a standard gas system and it seemed to heat the house unevenly. My living room was always warm, but my bedroom was always colder and I used to use a hot water bottle sometimes. The first thing I noticed after the new system was installed, is that it keeps my whole house a constant temperature, from room to room. I’ve never had to change the settings since I got it. It adapts to how warm or cold it is outside and I don’t have to think about it.

The extraction unit sits outside and is quiet. I’d never heard of this system before, but I can’t fault it and am impressed. I’m really pleased all round and it has really benefitted me.”


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